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What are the Properties of Activated Carbon?

Author:海南星光活性炭 Source:海南星光活性炭 Time:2015-10-29 09:51:56 views:

An activated carbon product can be characterized by its activity and physical properties. Activity properties include pore size distribution that defines the available pore volume of a carbon over three pore size regions: the micropore, mesopore, and macropore regions

? Micropore region - less than 100 Angstroms

? Mesopore region - between 100 and 1,000 Angstrom

? Macropore region - greater than 1,000 Angstroms

Pore size distribution properties are key indicators of a carbon's potential performance for removing contaminants (adsorbates) from water. The molecules encountered in the gas phase are generally smaller than those in the liquid phase applications; therefore, a gas phase carbon has the majority of its pores concentrated in the micropore region.

A broad range of pore sizes must be available, both for ease of movement of adsorbates through the carbon pores and for the adsorption of particular molecular sizes. Liquid phase carbons often contain a broader pore size distribution to remove color bodies and larger organic materials, while maintaining some microporosity for the removal of taste and odor compounds.

Physical properties include surface area, product density, mesh size, abrasion resistance, and ash content.



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